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Sunday, March 1, 2009
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  1. Anonymous  

    prajalo marpu ledhu.they want bribe people mosam chesvaloo valo congress enchu kunaru.praja rajyam policy chala bagundhi ...chance ichu unte bagundedhi but avaledhu anubavistharu prajaloo...balla kindha baga petandi chethulu..peda valani baga pilchandi ..mikosam vasthe film vadhulu koni happy ga unde manishi mikosam vasthe meru enchu kora...chiranjevi dhi thappu lendi anavasaram ga vacharu prajaloo murkulu ani teliadhu ayanaki....mi karma idhi prajala karma...manchi panulo lo palgonalani ledhu enthasepu marokaru thanthe thanichukune rakam meru...entha sepu free ga vache phynile ne thagutharu ...but kastpadi vache amrutham mathram thesukoru,thanks for giving comment.......chance to people

  2. Nagendra  

    Yes, dude, you are absolutely right..

    the people need only money, which they get just before Election, they dont need what they want for whole 5 years.

    these peoples are not gonna change and they would not. Chiranjeevi oka Goppa manishi, anduke odipoyadu. bcoz he wasn't gave any money to the Fu**ing people, so he loose's his Chance to serve the people and also his Name(Peru, Paruvu & Prathista)..

  3. Anonymous  

    hi u people r in wrong view about chiranjeevi if u people r in right view about him he might have given a tickets 2 the people who doesnot come from the other parties

  4. Anonymous  

    Yes u r write. and also he sold the tickets for 3 or 4 crores. i think every body intention is same i.e making money. chang should come from the children and yoouth. then oonly society will change. law, police, all has to chnage. i don't know when i will see my india with out bribe. but as fas as i know JP Is good person but still he has to do hard work.

  5. Anonymous  

    I tv is super fast & good quality

  6. Anonymous  


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