Zee Telugu

Monday, January 14, 2008
Posted by Admin
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  1. Anonymous  

    Hello admin.
    Can this channel be viewed separately in Windows Media Player or through TVU player ?

  2. Anonymous  

    Hello admin. Is it possible to watch zee telugu live through windows media player in our computer. Instead, of watching it online on the page.

  3. Anonymous  

    hi, for past few days zee tv is not working, could u pls resume the transmission

  4. Anonymous  

    Z-Telugu link isn't working

  5. Anonymous  

    admin can u please provide this in TVU player?please thank u

  6. Anonymous  

    Zee-Telugu aint working.

  7. Anonymous  

    Hello admin, I hae downloaded tvu player and it is playing different channels properly but still i am unable to view zee telugu or any other telugu channels except tv9. can you do anything about it plzzz..

  8. Anonymous  

    Hello admin
    Can you please look as this link it is broken.It does not play any more


  9. Anonymous  

    Do these live tv in coming on indian timing

  10. Anonymous  

    unable to get fullscreen....plz tell me how to view in fullscreen......

  11. Admin  

    Just double click on the player, you will get full screen.

    This TV is telecasting in INDIAN timings

  12. Anonymous  

    Hi Admin

    For every 2secs ZEETELUGU is getting hanged
    pls check it out

  13. Anonymous  

    hi admin
    from past few days Zee telugu is not working ...instead of Zee telugu Zee Bangla is coming could plz check it and fix it.

  14. Anonymous  

    hi admin
    it is not working can u update
    thank you

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